Fertilizing in Urban Landscapes

Why fertilize trees in urban and suburban landscape? In a forest—trees’ natural environment—trees self-feed through the natural process of leaf drop and dead wood decaying on a thick, nutrient-rich floor. In urban and suburban settings, the absence of this natural litter, diminishes the ability of trees to fight insects and disease. These settings also bring other stress factors, such as a higher average heat index, soil compaction due to sidewalks and parking lots, and pollutants, including winter’s excessive road salts. When a tree is out of its natural environment, we must take responsibility for its care and pick up where Mother Nature left off. Our job as arborists is to mirror nature as closely as possible by restoring the balance as best we can. Through a non-spray, sub-surface, fall fertilization program, administered periodically, nutrients are injected into the soil to encourage the root system’s ability for nutrient uptake which fortifies a tree’s ability to withstand stress.

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