Tree Preservation

Trees can become substantial liabilities if neglected, and are central to the health of your property as a whole. Safety for our clients is of paramount importance to our business, and our arborists are passionate about trees due to their importance in the landscape. We respect the delicate nature of trees, and evaluations are conducted prudently with regard given to each unique surrounding element. Our arborists are educated and aware of the tree’s physiological response to decay and various stress orientations throughout the tree. Trees often manifest discrete signs that indicate internal structural flaws to assist with measured, objective assessments. Our arborists are trained to discern these signs and collectively determine the most reasonable prognosis for each tree. Homeowners should use common sense when evaluating their trees for safety and call a certified arborist when in doubt.

Trunk Injections

tree cabling

Remarkable advances in plant health care allow us to inject fungicides, insecticides, and antibiotics directly into the sap stream of the tree. These tools allow us to completely protect the largest trees in the most sensitive areas with no risk of exposure and no adverse effects to the beneficial insect populations. We can effectively manage the most lethal tree diseases such as Dutch Elm Disease and Bacterial Leaf Scorch of Oak by using these injection procedures. All of our technicians are certified for using these techniques.