Plant Healthcare

McFarland Tree is constantly researching the latest techniques and materials for maintaining the health of your landscape. Our goal is to provide the most effective pest controls with the least environmental impact.

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Soil Injections

Fertilizing Soil

Whenever feasible, we strive to use materials that are injected into the soil at the base of the plant, and then taken up by the root system where they are ingested by the insect or mite pests feeding on the plant. These materials keep the possibility of exposure to a minimum, and will not harm any of the beneficial insects inhabiting your plants. These materials allow for safe, thorough protection of the tallest trees and plants in close proximity to swimming pools, waterways, houses, and pedestrians.

Foliar Applications

Foliage health

Certain insect, mite and disease infestations are best treated with spray applications of pesticides. Our goal is to use the least toxic yet most effective materials for countering plant pests. Each year we review our entire plant health care program with the goal of incorporating the latest, most targeted and safest chemistries available. Our professional arborists will evaluate the pest control needs of your landscape, and put together a program that will best manage the pests in your landscape with the least amount of chemical usage. All of our spray trucks are state of the art, offering multiple tanks to allow for specific targeted applications in one visit. All of our technicians are licensed professionals with many hours of supplemental training, and can be relied upon to make your applications with the utmost care.