tree cabling

Our comprehensive fertilization services will get your lawn, trees, and shrubs looking their healthiest. Our custom blended granular fertilizers are specifically suited for use in shrub beds, and offer a precise blend of slow and quick release nutrients as well as the sulfur needed to maintain the correct soil pH. We also custom blend our tree fertilizer, and directly inject it into the soil of your tree’s root zone. The nutrients we use release slowly over a two year period, and closely simulate the way that organic matter releases it’s nutrients to trees in a forest setting. Our technicians inject these fertilizer nutrients to your trees in strict accordance with the recently adopted industry standards.


While considered one of the simplest operations that can be done in the landscape, improper mulching causes a significant number of problems we face. Often, mulch is mounded up on the trunks and stems of the plants, setting up ideal conditions for disease. Beds that are mulched year after year will often develop layers of mulch so thick that they impede the flow of air, water and nutrients into the soil. As arborists, we understand the assets and liabilities of mulching, and our landscape foremen do too.

Benefits of Mulching
  • Conserves water for the plant
  • Reduces competition for weeds
  • Antagonizes harmful pathogens in the soil
  • Recycles nutrients through benefical organisms
  • Organic material breaks down to form humus and improves soil structure
  • Keeps soil temperature from major fluctuation