Cables and Bracing

tree cabling

Tree Cabling and bracing is vital to tree growth and structural fidelity. Deficiencies in the tree crown from weak branch crotches, small levels of internal decay and small cracks can be corrected through the installation of steel cables and or steel screw rods. Mcfarland arborists will determine whether a tree with growth problems needs cabling or bracing, and whether or not the installation of hardware will make the tree safe. Selecting the proper hardware, placing it in the proper position in the tree and properly installing it takes a great deal of expertise. If you have a large tree next to your house with a structural defect in it, consider carefully whom you can trust to make the tree safe and what the repercussions will be if the work is not done properly. With thousands of cabling and bracing jobs under our belt, Mcfarland is the right choice for tough tree problems.